Dusters California X Superbrand


Dusters has collaborated with Superbrand, the progressive surf company founded by professional surfers: Dion Agius, Clay Marzo, and Ry Craike. Since Superbrand graphics are influenced by skateboarding, the project has come full circle in their graphics inspiring our new Longboard and Cruiser in the summer ’19 line.


Dusters California X Superbrand


Dusters California X Kiss


Kiss is one of the most legendary and recognizable American rock bands of the 70’s and Dusters has licensed to use 2 of their most iconic images for the summer collection. The notorious photos of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have been used to create a tastefully loud and classy longboard to be appreciated by skaters of all ages.


Dusters California X Kiss


Dusters California X Cope 2


From the OG NYC-based graffiti artist, Cope 2, Dusters presents a colorful longboard on the drop-through shape. The bottom graphic is wood burned for a refined, natural look with bright, graphic wrapped trucks. The top of the board has vibrant custom printed grip with Cope 2’s signature tag, which can be seen in his most renowned global murals.


Dusters California X Cope 2


Dusters California X Steve Olson


We are proud to introduce our newest collaboration with one of skateboardings biggest icons of all time! Mr. Steve Olson! Olson has a raw, uncut, in your face attitude that can be felt through his skating as well as his art. He was the original tester of the Independent Stage 1 truck and his iconic Santa Cruz checkerboard model which became the first use of full-board graphics on seven-ply laminated maple. Fast forward almost 40 years of skateboarding history and Olson’s legacy is still alive and strong, recently being inducted in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame and becoming well known for his controversial art and other collaborations in the fashion world. 


Dusters California X Steve Olson



Dusters California X California Locos


Chaz Bojórquez, Dave Tourjé, John Van Hamersveld, Norton Wisdom, and Gary Wong —the CALIFORNIA LOCOS—represent 50 years of Los Angeles art, each having been influenced and inspired by the surf, skate, music and barrio culture, as well as formal art practice, that has combined and morphed in Los Angeles from the '60s through today.  Bojórquez, the godfather of Cholo writing, is an artist among artists that leaves an indelible mark in every project he produces.  Van Hamersveld is legendary for designing iconic record album covers for bands like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles as well as the artist behind the design of the 1966 Endless Summer movie poster. The entire lineup of California Locos is full of artists that have all etched their own creativity into this collaboration.


Dusters California X California Locos Series

California Locos Art Shows/Collab Release Party

Dusters California X Endless Summer


50 years ago, Bruce Brown gathered $50,000, a 16mm camera and world class surfers, Robert August and Mike Hynson to chase summer around the world filming what would become the most iconic surf movie of all time, The Endless Summer. 

Dusters California commemorates the 50th anniversary of The Endless Summer with our latest collaboration. This quintessential surf film made a massive impact not only on the surf and skate community, but on pop culture as a whole, effecting millions over the past 50 years. The new cruiser and longboard are perfect for cruising during your travels while you are in search of the perfect wave.


Dusters California X Endless Summer Boards



Dusters California X The Doors


We are stoked to announce the Dusters California x The Doors collab boards. The Doors and their eclectic music and lifestyle were key influences that shaped the rise and style of skateboarding. Their expressive lyrics spoke to the streets and sidewalks of Venice where Dusters roots lie. The new cruiser and longboard designs will bring you back to the free spirited time of the past with giving you the benefits of a modern ride & feel.


Dusters California X The Doors


Dusters California X Jimi Hendrix


We are privileged to present a new collaboration with the Hendrix family in tribute to one of the most creative and influential musicians of the 20th Century, Jimi Hendrix. He was an innovator who revolutionized the electric guitar and the changed the course of music. The two Dusters x Jimi Hendrix skateboards, a cruiser and a longboard featuring iconic Hendrix imagery and upgraded hardware. The cruiser soulfully captures “Purple Haze” through blended iconic Hendrix concert images and the Hendrix longboard is emblazoned with the Indian-influenced artwork from “Axis: Bold as Love,” the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s legendary second album.


Dusters California x Jimi Hendrix Boards

Dusters California X Grateful Dead


In conjunction with the celebration of the Grateful Dead’s 50th anniversary, Dusters California, teamed up with the legendary rock band to offer their world renowned images across three different shapes. With each board offering its own unique tribute to the band, our team couldn’t be more thrilled how they all turned out!



Dusters California X Grateful Dead Boards

Dusters California X Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word


Dusters California presents the collaboration with "GIRL IS NOT A 4 LETTER WORD", founded by OG pro skater Cindy Whitehead. Cindy arrived on the skate scene in the late 70's, she started skateboarding at Hermosa Pier doing Freestyle but quickly switched to vert at Skateboard World in Torrance. She soon became one of the few female Pros of the time and rode for Tracker Trucks, Sims Skateboards, Puma Tennis Shoes, Rector and Fly-a-Way Helmets. The collection of boards support "Longboarding for Peace", which not only acknowledges, but encourages ALL female skaters. A portion of the proceeds will also go to Poseiden Foundation, which supports skaters all over the world. The boards are designed in collaboration between Duster's creative director Nano Nobrega and Cindy Whitehead. The first cruiser launched at the 2013 Vans Warped Tour and the relationship continues to grow as we add more cruisers and longboards to the collection. "Live life balls to the wall. Do epic shit. Take every dare that comes your way. You can sleep when you're dead." ~ Cindy Whitehead. 


Dusters California X Cindy Whitehead GNL4W Boards 


Dusters California X Dave Hackett


We proudly introduce the Hackman series, taking us back to the roots of skateboarding with legend, pioneer and 1978 US Open Pool Riding Champion, Dave “Hackman” Hackett. You may have seen Hackman in various skateboard movies such as the award-winning documentary, “DogTown and Z-Boys”. Hackman has also strongly influenced modern skateboarding by being one of the first skaters to successfully land airs in an empty pool.


Dusters California X Dave Hacket | Hackman Series

Dusters California X Farrah Fawcett Foundation


We are excited to announce our latest collaboration benefiting The Farrah Fawcett Foundation. Both boards and the tee shirt will feature one of the most iconic images of the past 40 years, the Farrah Fawcett red swim suit pinup poster that was photographed by Bruce McBroom in 1976. Farrah’s immortal image captured on these clean, classic shapes, is a testament that great function and form never go out of style.


Dusters California X Farrah Fawcett Foundation Boards


Colleen Wilcox

is an artist living in Honolulu, Hawaii. She creates acrylic on canvas paintings, as well as designs for surfboards and accessories. Her swirling, fluid style is filled with vibrant colors and stylized images of tropical flowers, waves, marine life, and island scenery. She is inspired by her beautiful natural surroundings and enjoys surfing and spending time near the ocean. Her deep love for Hawaii and the island lifestyle is reflected continuously throughout her work. 


Art by Colleen