Behind The Remake:

Style never goes out of style. G&S set the bar pretty damn high with the great skateboards they built back in the1970s. That same quality carried over into their ads as well, that’s why we chose to recreate this classic G&S ad for our Dusters campaign.

At Dusters, we respect skateboarding’s heritage and we will continue to pay homage to those that came before. In the new version of this classic ad we are featuring three of our newest skateboards that come equipped with the new re-issue Kryptonics Star*Trac wheels. We also pay respect to Vans, the first name in skateboarding footwear.

If you’re a G&S fan make sure to check out their recently released re-issue Proline Skateboards.


Text From The Ad:

You’re looking at three skateboards from the 2015 Dusters line-up. You’ll feel the performance the moment you first step on them. Built to exact specifications in our own premium woodshop, the construction is second to none. These completes come equipped with Slant trucks along the new and improved version of the classic Kryptonics Star Trac wheels. Each complete in the series is designed and setup with a specific function in mind;

The Keen is paired with the 78A Red Star Tracs for a smooth soft and fast ride.

The Flashback with the 82A Blue Star Tracs offers a balance between a boardwalk cruiser and a pool board. 

Finally, the Cazh uses the 86A Green Star Trac wheels making it a full on pool/park old school ripper.

Whatever your age, size, ability or skating preference, there is a Dusters that is just right for you. Beyond your own skateboarding skills and time spent riding, the equipment you choose is the most important factor in progressive, high performance skating.