BRINGING BACK KRYPTONICS Episode 7: I Need All That Stuff & I Need it Now

Good friend of Dusters and skateboard legend Dave Hackett talks about getting on his first pro team and getting boxes of kryptonics.


Dusters x Kryptonics Star Trac Test Ride

We put a set of the new red 62mm Kryptonics Star Trac wheels on one of our favorite boards (the Cazh) for a test ride in venice. It's the perfect match!!! It rides even better than it looks too!

Bringing Back Kryptonics Episode 6: Jim Goodrich Photos

Jim Goodrich tells some awesome stories about a few of his iconic photos from the early kryptonics days.


BRINGING BACK KRYPTONICS Episode 5: Kryptonics 1st Contest

Jim Ford and Jack Smith talk about the first time Kryptonics were used in a contest.


BRINGING BACK KRYPTONICS Episode # 4: The Formula Part 2 of 2

More insight on the creation and development of the original Kryptonics Star·Trac  formula.


BRINGING BACK KRYPTONICS Episode # 4: The Formula Part 1 of 2

Featuring Jim Ford, the man behind the brand from 1976-1980.



Kryptonics Wheels Chooses Legendary Skateboarder David Hackett as Brand Ambassador.


Legendary skateboarder David Hackett has been chosen by Dusters California as the first Brand Ambassador for Kryptonics Star Trac Wheels. Hackett is recognized as one of skateboarding’s greatest all-around skateboarders. He is best known for his pool riding, and for originating his patented “Hackett Slash” maneuver. In 2003 he was chosen by Juice magazine as one of the 50 Most Influential Skateboarders in the World. Hackett also excels in ditch riding, slalom racing, downhill racing and now at over fifty years of age is still skateboarding at a world class level.


Visit for the full press release.


Also, check out the interview with Dave Hackett about his new role as the first Kryptonics Brand Ambassador.