BRINGING BACK KRYPTONICS Episode 7: I Need All That Stuff & I Need it Now

Good friend of Dusters and skateboard legend Dave Hackett talks about getting on his first pro team and getting boxes of kryptonics.


Dusters x Kryptonics Star Trac Test Ride

We put a set of the new red 62mm Kryptonics Star Trac wheels on one of our favorite boards (the Cazh) for a test ride in venice. It's the perfect match!!! It rides even better than it looks too!

Bringing Back Kryptonics Episode 6: Jim Goodrich Photos

Jim Goodrich tells some awesome stories about a few of his iconic photos from the early kryptonics days.


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BRINGING BACK KRYPTONICS Episode 5: Kryptonics 1st Contest

Jim Ford and Jack Smith talk about the first time Kryptonics were used in a contest.


BRINGING BACK KRYPTONICS Episode # 4: The Formula Part 2 of 2

More insight on the creation and development of the original Kryptonics Star·Trac  formula.


BRINGING BACK KRYPTONICS Episode # 4: The Formula Part 1 of 2

Featuring Jim Ford, the man behind the brand from 1976-1980.