dusters california

The Beautiful Endless Summer Collab

We're loving our new Endless Summer collab longboard!... another beautiful day cruising at the beach.

Dusters California Spring 2014 Lookbook

Here's the lookbook for Dusters California Spring 2014 line. Check out all the amazing new short cruisers, mid size skateboards and longboards for all different styles. Originating from the heart and soul of skateboarding, our collection of boards embraces the heritage of the California skate and surf lifestyle. 

Dusters X Endless Summer

Cant wait for the summer? ...these boards will make it a bit easier to handle the wait. The Dusters X Endless Summer Longboard and Cruiser are available this March! #DustersEndlessSummer

Dusters California x Farrah Fawcett Cruiser

The Farrah Fawcett cruiser is one of our favorites right now! And It's finally available just in time for the holidays!  You can find it in stores or online, here are a few shops that have it in stock: socal skateshopccszumiez and tactics.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

BRINGING BACK KRYPTONICS Episode 7: I Need All That Stuff & I Need it Now

Good friend of Dusters and skateboard legend Dave Hackett talks about getting on his first pro team and getting boxes of kryptonics.


Dusters x Kryptonics Star Trac Test Ride

We put a set of the new red 62mm Kryptonics Star Trac wheels on one of our favorite boards (the Cazh) for a test ride in venice. It's the perfect match!!! It rides even better than it looks too!

Bringing Back Kryptonics Episode 6: Jim Goodrich Photos

Jim Goodrich tells some awesome stories about a few of his iconic photos from the early kryptonics days.